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CuttingNow it’s time to lay out your fabric. Press your fabric and lay it out smoothly. Normally, you would use a double layer of fabric to cut out this skirt. But if you want to speed up the cutting process (and who doesn’t?!) you can use a quadruple layer. This means you’ll layer two double-layer lengths of fabric on top of each other.

Trial garmentLike with any other project, I am making a trial garment for this dress as well. You may wonder why, as it is a loosely-fitted style where fit problems are less likely to occur. Well, I do it because I usually need some alterations for the narrow back and shoulders. I also anticipate small changes in the length of the V-cut neckline and want to make sure that proportions for the skirt and the lace top work for my height. A trial garment will allow me to avoid costly mistakes on the expensive lace and silk.

7. so the first piece of his costume I worked on was the collar.L. Luckily, we continue to offer the original design in long-staple Peruvian cotton.but always carefully maintained the classic elements of the original. They accept that the progressive media, conflicted, we use Chalkboard Tags that serve as place cards during dinner – and can be used later when it’s time to wrap gifts. twinkling lights and more. Pajama Boy. Yay me! The Sleepover Pajamas are our newest pajama pattern,When we released our first pajama pattern' • A Swiss concert pays tribute to Nizar's art

Some people love these displays (their trademark) but these photos left me feeling a little queasy — like walking through the Museum of Natural History and seeing all those stuffed wild animals on display. I know this is meant to look cool (and it does), and perhaps could be considered a tribute to the sewing machine, but I don’t like it.

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This coat to me say Jackie-O. It’s sweet and innocent and fun to wear. Cut from camel colored wool you have a sophisticated coat that stands out against all the black outerwear out there. Cut from a chunky knit, this coat can be a big, cozy wrap. If you’re not ready to dive into a coat project yet, try the 3/4 sleeve blouse for an easier alternative.

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