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Also, don’t forget to try your hand at Laura’s Smocking Legwarmers project to whip up your own luxury knitwear!Waking Up With a Headache, What Should We Do?Lily MeiOctober 11, 2016NewsSilk Benefits0 CommentsWaking up with a headache in the morning, simply put, sucks. Regardless of whether it’s accompanied by nausea or neck pain or not, waking up with a big, banging

Lace was, of course, everywhere, from traditional overlays and back panels to more surprising picks. The Monique L’Huillier dress at left has just a little edge with a larger scale lace sleeve. This style shows a little more skin for the adventurous bride that still wants a classic look. On the right, Reem Acra played with texture for a modern take on standby bridal fabrics. This look almost resembles a skirt and top. It’s a little more casual, but still lovely in gorgeous fabric and pure white.

When we finished last week, I had just tried the bodice muslin on Leah. Here she is:The bodice fit well in front, but the back was too snug, leaving no seam allowance on the side to insert a zipper. I will need to add 1.5 inches to the bodice width when I assemble it, as well as a roughly 1/2 inch to the length. It’s a simple enough adjustment that it doesn’t warrant making another muslin, in my opinion. To see how I did it, keep reading.

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