mens lounge pants with pockets

And here is where what Mom had taught me and what I wanted to do for myself started to combine. Through the happenstance of what I call “link surfing,” I found BurdaStyle and several of its members’ blogs. Here, there was a wealth of information sharing about tips, tricks, great patterns and, best of all, book reviews.

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Ever just looking for a basic pattern that you can modify and work from to create your own sewing pattern design? Look no further than these new bodice and skirt sloper patterns. You can adjust the Basic Bodice and Sleeve Sloper to make many blouse, top, and shirt designs. Or we also have a basic Skirt Sloper in which you can draft virtually into any skirt design that is on your mind! We suggest getting both so that you can make your own dress styles. New to pattern making? No problem, check out this post for great references in drafting your own patterns form basic slopers.

L. Despite the costumes and funny boats, Fold ribbon accordion style with fingers. Side note…The Ribbon Retreat has the most amazing grabber bags EVER! Betty.

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