old navy mens lounge shorts

/high-waisted shortsOn sewing days, I listen to podcasts and turn up cheerful or soothing music to distract me from any stressful sewing blunders (of which there are many). I run around the house with my cutting mat and drafting tools for no apparent reason. I have fully taken over the guest room as my sewing space, so I just shove everything in there when I’m done

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Just one more thing we’re putting together to help you grow in your sewing education. Can’t wait to share more details!Hi BurdaStylers, I popped in a new fabric shop in my area yesterday and I got so inspired. Does anyone else get this way? Fabric shopping is probably my favorite thing to do, I always come out of a fabric store with so many new ideas (and a shopping bag of course). As I look through fabrics at a shop sometimes I immediately think of a pattern that would be perfect for it, and other times I just really love the fabric and I have no idea what I want to use it for yet. Read more for my 5 tips when entering a fabric shop…

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