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Dare to wear these soft Harem Pants out and about. They make a funky weekend look with sandals and a denim shirt. Or, wear them around the house for a fancier take on loungewear.Twirl the day away in this Layered Skirt that has all the frills of a petticoat. Make the most of the gypsy vibe with contrasting prints and bright ribbons.

disorganized sensation of your world rearing up against you, the moment of arrest when you realize someone you love is missing, the resolve knotting itself up in your gut as you swallow your trembling and face the demon, because you must. It’s a good movie, The Host, and it’s stayed with me. It made me think about all the ways fear lives potential inside us, as human as blood and as ready to rise up and spill out given the right nick.

I also kayaked with friends in beautiful Izu Peninsula. Our oldest son couldn’t wait to go to a Japanese baseball game; our middle son was always up for any kind of adventure; and our youngest son was looking forward to trying exotic ice cream flavors!

and make it your mantra – it’s the secret to having your creations go from looking ‘homemade’ to looking expertly hand-crafted!For more info on Emily Kate, check out her profile. She has such awesome creations, and has taught us all how to make those wonderful cheeky panties

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