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This in depth web seminar will take you through the industry standard grades and grading methodologies. All you will need is the base pattern, pattern making rulers, pencil, tape and paper. We will start by understanding measurements that are critical to grading, with emphasis on maintaining the same fabulous look and beautiful fit. Next, we will roll up our sleeves

To attend, please RSVP on Facebook or Meetup. We look forward to seeing you!You can accent the features by adding dimension with needle sculpting. This is an easy and fun technique that uses a long needle and thread to make small indentations – we use it to highlight the eyes and cheeks and to make the dimples.

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Can’t attend the live web seminar? Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the event in a thank-you email that goes out on the Thursday after the live event, along any downloads or resources referenced during the web seminar, and will have the ability to ask any follow-up questions via email.

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